Some of my best friends are germs

Author Michael Pollan in the New York Times talks about the 100 trillion microbes that live within us. And how medicine, which has until now, been obsessed with eradicating them, is beginning to understand their importance. These microbes might have a role to play in general immunity, cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes and even cancer and can possibly lead to treatments.
He adds a word of caution though -

...many microbiome researchers are careful not to make the mistake that scientists working on the human genome did a decade or so ago, when they promised they were on the trail of cures to many diseases. We're still waiting.

The article makes the case for nurturing and protecting these microbes by 'dirtying up our diet', going easy on our sanitary regimes, playing in the dirt and with animals and eating fermented foods.
I myself have been trying to incorporate probiotics in my diet but not a lot of scientists seem to put their faith in them.

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