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Rajdeep Sardesai's latest blog post

But the question we must ask ourselves is whether we have abandoned the search for a diversity of opinion in our desire to reduce complex debates to black and white polarisations. Do we have the skill and capacity to explore the grey crevices of major issues or have we got carried away by the surround sound that turns every news event now into a controversy, often contrived?
It would be easy for critics to blame the television rating point system as the 'evil' responsible for the declining standards. Yes, weekly TRPs do reduce journalism at times to tabloid-like box office, but would a more sophisticated measurement of content really change the manner in which we choose to do news? The truth is, we have lost the moral compass that should define journalism's priorities. Maybe we have got carried away with our celebrity status, maybe just being on camera is a drug that prevents us from separating right from wrong and rediscovering our inner conscience.

On a related note - Kejriwal, Bhushan to start 'non-profit, public service' TV channel
"We have always felt that the country needed a good public service broadcaster. As a broadcaster, Prasar Bharti has failed to achieve the purpose for which it was set up. So, the idea was to facilitate setting up an alternative," Yogender Yadav, political analyst and Aam Aadmi Party member told Business Standard.
"Besides, there is an acute need for a media which is not dependent on advertisement revenues and on profit making. That is the whole idea which is behind this proposal," said Yadav.

Tehelka might also be gong down that route. They have been quite active on their channel on YouTube.

There is certainly space for a 'non-rabble-rousing', 'non-sensationalist', 'non-TRP-chasing' channel but whether it can survive (make money) is another matter.

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